About the Farm…


Creekside Farm benefits from 100 years of careful attention to the land.  The living soil has been nurtured by farmers that have worked the land before us.  As the current stewards of the land, we keep up this mindful tradition by keeping the soil as healthy and fertile as possible.  We practice using compost and manure to fertilize and restore the nutrients, and using cover crops and crop rotation techniques to rejuvenate and replenish the soil.  We grow hundreds of varieties of vegetables, herbs and flowers.  The rich bottomland soil along Avery Creek has sustained farmers and families for generations, and we are blessed to be able keep this “grow local” farming tradition alive.


Vegetables that were picked this morning, just a few hundred yards from your home, have a flavor that is incomparable to the typical vegetables purchased in a store.  On average, vegetables in your local grocery store come from 1500 miles away, and are often picked too early so they ripen on the truck.  Many times they are sprayed with colors, waxes and other chemicals to keep them fresh and attractive.  The flavor of fresh picked vegetables is beyond anything you can find in a store, and it’s so easy to taste the difference. 


Creekside Farm doesn't use of chemicals, but uses organic farming techniques to produce healthier food.  Our gardens are a mix of flowers, vegetables and herbs that are as attractive to the eye as the taste buds.  Bees are important to the farm, and our bee hives produce flavorful honey as they pollinate the wide variety of flowers and crops on the farm.


We believe the history of a place is important, and we enjoy learning and teaching about the history of seeds and where they come from.  Like the old community barn, it’s part of our living history.  Our gardeners are here as much for education as they are for production, and they welcome visitors and enjoy passing on information about the garden, what’s growing now, what’s the next harvest, and the techniques they use to keep the garden productive and beautiful.  Stop by any time for a visit.


The livestock at Creekside Farm plays an important role in the life and ecosystem of the farm.  Not just for the meat and eggs they produce, but for how they fertilize gardens and keep pastures green and healthy, by controlling pests, and by keeping coyotes away (our lovable donkeys do a great job at that).  Each animal contributes in its own way.  Chickens roam free during the day, scratching and eating bugs and pests.  They're free range chickens and variety of diet creates bright yellow yokes and adds incredible flavor to their eggs.  The difference in taste between these eggs and store bought, mass produced eggs is amazing.


Varieties of apple, plum and pear trees were planted in 2013, and we look forward to fruit production in years to come.  Blackberry and raspberry bushes are also growing on the farm, and a new hops farm is helping to keep “Beer City” (Asheville) a world renowned destination for beer lovers and enthusiasts.  You can take a brewing class to learn the art of home brew here at Walnut Cove next summer, and make your first batch with fresh hops varieties grown right here at the farm.


Our chef at the Cliffs Tavern Restaurant works closely with the farm in the selection of produce that is planted and grown at the farm.  He takes pride in selecting the vegetable varieties that compliment his menu plans and special creations each season.