Get Connected to the Farm thru Community Supported Agriculture

At Creekside Farm, you're surrounded by nature and the pastoral beauty of the farm and gardens.  Creekside Farm at Walnut Cove has set aside up to five acres of good bottom farm land to support a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program within the neighborhood.  You’ll enjoy healthier organic vegetables that are grown for flavor and variety, and not for uniform shelf appeal, transportation or longer shelf life, and without all of the chemicals.    Living here you'll immerse yourself in a healthy lifestyle, connected to the farm, the animals, and the vegetable gardens. 

 Our CSA Farm Manager- Melissa Wickham

About our Community Supported Agriculture

As a CSA member, you’ll also have the opportunity to get connected to the farm and to your neighbors.  The farm will be an opportunity to learn about farming and gardening, about the history of heirloom seeds, and the many varieties of vegetables currently being grown and available.  You’ll also learn about farm animal husbandry, if you want to.  In addition to regular gatherings, events, and talks by our farm managers, CSA members are welcome to stop by any time for a chat, to help plant or harvest if you want to, or to just sit with a bottle of wine and watch the corn grow.   The best part is, you’ll taste the significant difference in truly fresh, picked this morning, heirloom vegetables, as compared to store bought varieties. 

By becoming a CSA member you receive:

  • A weekly share of fresh, farm vegetables during the local growing season.

  • Invitation to regular events, gatherings and talks at Creekside Farm Education Center

  • Farm to Table lunch and dinner events

  • Membership in our Seed Saver program, helping to restore and protect the bio-diversity of our seeds and food for future generations.

  • The comfort and security of knowing and trusting who is growing your food, where it's being grown, and what specific variety of heirloom vegetable it actually is your eating, with some provenance as to its history.

Why Join a CSA?

There are many reasons to join a CSA program. Here are the main reasons to join the Creekside Farm at Walnut Cove CSA program: 

Superior nutrition and quality. Fresh picked, selected for flavor, handled with care, and grown on well balanced soils to contain a balanced array of nutrients and minerals.

Locally grown produce.  A CSA share allows you to be close to the land and where your food comes from. Our CSA shares are harvested and delivered the same day, which means vegetables are at their freshest.  The average distance most produce travels to your supermarket is 1500 miles. Our food comes from your neighborhood.  Hyper-local.

Affordable.  Lower cost produce because you’re getting it direct from the producer.  In fact you know him.


Our farm grows only non GMO varieties and many varieties of heirloom seeds, with no harmful chemicals, pesticides or herbicides.  There’s always something fresh and green in your fridge to encourage you to eat healthier, with a fun and interesting story always behind it. 


There’s always something new coming up and in Season, so you’ll never get bored!  Discover new varieties of heirloom vegetables, and gain knowledge of southern seasonal produce.  You will be familiar with most of the vegetables you receive each week, but there will also be fun surprises when you get to take home a new vegetable or new variety. Enjoy the bounty!