Keeping a farming tradition alive in Asheville.  The new Agrihood.

The newest trend in urban development is the "Agrihood" community that connects neighborhoods to a working farm and a more natural, healthy and traditional way of life.


People want to connect to nature and to a more traditional lifestyle that goes back hundreds of years, back to a simpler time when people knew their neighbors, and knew their local farmers and where their food came from.  Agri-hood developments are popping up all over the US as part of the same farm to table movement in restaurants and farmers markets all across the country.  See the links below to related news articles on the subject.

The trend is helping to support farms and keep the local farming tradition alive.  It’s tough to make a living on a farm these days.  And because of the rapid growth in population in this area, with most people coming from outside the county and state, land values have increased to the point that it makes more financial sense to sell it to a developer then to continue farming it.  The pressure on a farm from urban growth is increasing everywhere.

Unfortunately, we’re quickly losing a way of life, and the heritage and pastoral beauty of the farms in our area are fading fast.  The owners of Creekside Farm, Bob and Kara Turner (Cliffs members since 2005) are dedicated to keeping the land as a working farm, just as it has been for the last 100 years.   That's why they've enrolled the farm in the Voluntary Agriculture District (VAD) program to protect it and keep it that way for future generations.

Spectacular views of Creekside Farm and the surrounding mountains connect you to nature and a way of life.  Creekside Farm has been a working farm for about 100 years.  Mindful Development at Creekside Farm will support it and help keep it that way.

Meet the neighbors

Cows, a couple miniature donkeys, and chickens call Creekside Farm home.

View of the large CSA garden in early Spring, 2018.  The farm and gardens are an amenity for all residents to share and enjoy, without having to do all the work.  Farmers, like our farm manager Melissa, do all the work.

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"We're keeping the old barn, and the land around us will stay in it's natural, pastoral beauty as a working, producing farm"

                             Bob Turner- owner

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