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(Noun) | ag-ri-hood

A Community of Homes Built Alongside a Functioning Organic Farm Where Residents Can Share the Harvest.

New Neighborhood Located Inside Western North Carolina’s Premier Wellness Community.

Creekside Farm at the Cliffs at Walnut C
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Every day, our world gets more urbanized. We choose to sacrifice pastures for parking garages, trees for timber, and habitats for high rises.

Be apart of the 100-year-old legacy of Creekside Farm, which is a low density, environmentally sensitive, connection to a different time.

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Located Near Asheville, North Carolina in the

Blue Ridge Mountains 

The Agrihood

Where We Grow Healthy Lifestyles

"The reason we started Creekside Farm was to help create the change we want to see in the world, and provide people an authentic connection to nature and healthy food. It's a place where people can come together to support locally grown, healthy and delicious food, and live a more grounded way of life. Come to events. Meet your neighbor over food. Support noble causes. Join us as stewards of the land and a life well lived."

- Developers Robert and Kara Turner (long time residents of Walnut Cove)

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